Ultimate Nylon filament test - Polymaker CoPA vs PA6-GF vs PA6-CF vs PA12-CF

Title: Ultimate Nylon filament test - Polymaker CoPA vs PA6-GF vs PA6-CF vs PA12-CF. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, polymaker, material test, nylon filament,

Polymaker PolyMide filament line is great for many functional parts, but it is important to understand their possibilities and when to use them. The printability is great, the warp-free technology gives the possibility to use them on open printer, but using of a hardened nozzle and a filament dryer is recommended. Glass- or carbon fibers gives not only great mechanical properties to these PA materials, but also a great surface quality.

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0:00 Introduction
2:50 CoPA 3D printing
6:33 PA6-GF 3D printing
9:36 PA6-CF 3D printing
11:06 Testing with timing belt
12:31 PA12-CF 3D printing
14:03 Before mechanical testing
15:30 Tensile (pulling) test
16:18 Layer adhesion test
17:33 Shear stress
18:15 Torque (twist) test
19:37 IZOD impact test
20:51 Temperature test
22:21 C-bending creep test
23:59 Screw (compression) test
25:44 New bending test
28:06 Results
31:23 Conclusion

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