PLA filament specs

List of tested PLA filaments. Click on brand name to get more details:

3D Active by 3D Active

3Dee by 3Dee

3DQF by 3DQF

AmazonBasics by AmazonBasics

AzureFilm by AzureFilm

Bq by Bq

Eryone by Eryone

Esun by Esun

Geeetech by Geeetech

Gembird by Gembird

Hatchbox by Hatchbox

Overture by Overture

PolyPlus by Polymaker

PolyTerra by Polymaker

Prusa by Prusa

Sunlu by Sunlu

Tecbears by Tecbears

How are these PLA filaments tested?

Tensile strength

Tensile test specimen, minimal cross section area: 4x4 mm. Specimen is printed in horizontal position with 100% infill but with maximal number of perimeters (or walls or shells in Cura)

Layer adhesion:

Test specimen for layer adhesion is printed in vertical position also with maximal number of perimeters. Minimal cross section area is 4x4 mm.

Impact test

Impact test is based od IZOD impact test with specimen dimensions defined in ISO180 (80x10x4 with 2 mm deep notch)

Shear stress

Two sided shear stress with cross section diameter of 5 mm (x2). This means area of cross section is 39.27 mm2.

Bending test is not prepared yet (it will be based on ISO 178, test specimen: 80x10x4 mm)

Torque test in progress.

Elasticity test specimen design is in progress.

Temperature tower

The temperature tower is downloaded from Thingiverse, designed by gaaZolee (Thing: 2729076). Tower is modified (using provided elements) to get range from 230 to 190 with step of 10°C. It is small and compact object and contains several test patterns like overhangs from 30 to 65 degrees (from vertical angle), bridges from 15 mm - 30 mm, stringing test.


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