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This website is a support page for YouTube channel with same name. On this page you can search videos or for existing video found mentioned downloadable files, like STL, JPG, PDF etc.

About me

My name is Dr. Igor Gaspar, I am a mechanical engineer. Since 2005 I work as a teacher and researcher on SZIU. On my previous workplace my favorite part of the job was CNC programming. Since I bought a 3D printer I can now again see my 3D constructions comming alive, only this time in plastic. Thanks to Arduino, I started to conecting my mechanical knowledge with electronic (sensors, motors etc.). My secondary job is a web programmer, so few videos will be sharing my web experience. Another important part of tech for every Youtuber I would like to talk about is camera and photography equipment. It's "my tech fun" which I want to share with You over my videos. I hope you will enjoy them.


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