TinkerCAD practice No1

Title: TinkerCAD practice No1. Watch on youtube:

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This video I created primary for my students (basics of mechanical engineering and drawing), so they can easier understand objects from their workbook. I recorded the full process: from designing to 3D printing, so it may be useful practice for Autodesk TinkerCAD, one of the easiest CAD software.

In this work there are 3 objects.
Object #1: 00:27
Object #2: 01:38
Object #3: 03:19

STL files can be downloaded below this text.

List of all videos for my students from Szent István University (SZIU):


Download files:

object_1_1.stl 14.3 kB [View»]
object_1_2.stl 30.6 kB [View»]
object_1_3.stl 24.1 kB [View»]

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